Pekka Forselius becomes President of ISBSG

ISBSG, or “icebags” as it is affectionately known to supporters and software measurement aficionados, is the world’s foremost organization of organizations for productivity and effort data for completed software projects. It is unique in that it is a consortium of members who constitute metrics associations from around the world – typically one per country. (Visit the ISBSG website at for information about the products and services that ISBSG provides to the software and systems industry at cost effective prices!)

Up until just over two years ago, the chairmanship of this organization was retained by its founder and first president (for more than 10 years!), Terry Wright of the Victorian State Government in Australia. At the ISBSG meetings in the Netherlands in Oct 2005, Terry handed the reins over to Ton Dekkers (no relation to me) of the Netherlands (NESMA) who governed the organization for two years. Two weeks ago in Madrid, the 2007 ISBSG meetings were held and my new business partner from Finland, Mr. Pekka Forselius of the Finnish Software Measurement Association (FiSMA), was elected to serve as the new ISBSG President. Pekka has been an active member of the ISBSG since 2000 and regularly promotes ISBSG at industry conferences and also in his software: Experience(R) PRO which is a tool that is especially designed for SCOPE Managers.

Congratulations Pekka! I look forward to the progress that ISBSG will continue to make under your leadership.

Carol Dekkers
———–COPYRIGHT 2007 Carol Dekkers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED————————


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