Certified Scope Manager – the new IT Job Role – FREE webinar this Wed. Dec. 3, 2008

The Professional Certified Scope Manager (CSM) – a New IT Job Role. – A webinar presented by Carol Dekkers
December 3rd, 2008– 11:00 am – 12:30 pm Eastern Time

To register (there is no charge to attend this webinar), visit: http://solutions.compaid.com/forms/WebinarA20081203?ProcessType=PreReg

Are you worried about your job when we’re all expected to do the same as yesterday but achieve better results? All this while we have tightened budgets, less time to complete our work, and little time for rework or risk-laden technology investments. Learn from Carol Dekkers, a main partner in the European Certificates Association for the Certified Scope Manager (CSM) job role, how becoming a Certified Scope Manager could insulate you from a potential job cut.
Recessions bring many things including added stress and discomfort for customers needing to streamline their business with uncertain technology solutions. Fixed price budgets do not serve either suppliers or customers well without solid requirements and in a down-turned economy, timeframes and resources are tightened even further.

The impact of rework, missed deadlines, budget excesses, and projects with missing or incorrect requirements is difficult to gauge, but blame increasingly is found to be shared equally between the customer and supplier. As a result of the ongoing frustration and the lack of an objective third party similar to a real estate agent, software intensive systems development may continue to derail until such time as accountants step in with their own cost-based accounting and other manufacturing approaches to remedy what they see as the issues.

This doesn’t need to happen. In the same way as a homebuyer hires a real estate agent to assist them in their search, evaluation, inspection, acquisition, financing (mortgage), and closure of a property to meet their needs (which may include construction and renovation); a new IT job role – that of a Certified Scope Manager (CSM) – can serve an analogous role on IT projects. Scope management is an emerging concept whereby a “scope manager” works throughout the preliminary requirements through to final delivery with software acquirers and suppliers to alleviate the scope management related ills that plague software intensive systems.

In this webinar, join 4SUM Partner, and Quality Plus Technologies President, Carol Dekkers and find out what is involved in the emerging job role of a Certified Scope Manager as defined by the European Certificates Association and the northernSCOPE™ concept from Finland. Ms. Dekkers is the author of two 2008 books related to scope management: Program Management Toolkit for software and systems development (published by Talentum) and The IT Measurement Compendium: Estimating and benchmarking success with Functional Size Measurement (published by Springer). Carol is heavily involved as a main partner in the European Certificates association for the Certified Scope Manager (CSM) job role, and she frequently gives keynote presentations on software measurement, scope management, global software development, and project management at international software conferences.

Target audience: Anyone who has a role in the success of a software or systems project including project managers, systems analysts, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, software and systems acquirers, metrics specialists, steering committee members, project sponsors, prospective scope managers, etc.

Learning takeaways from this webinar:
· Learn why scope management alleviates six of the top ten reasons for project failure
· Understand the 12 steps necessary for success with the northernSCOPE™ concept
· Discover if your skills match up with the mandatory pre-requisite and acquirable job requirements to become a CSM
· Identify the critical success factors for a CSM to make a clear difference on software intensive systems projects anywhere in the world.

To register (there is no charge to attend this webinar), visit: http://solutions.compaid.com/forms/WebinarA20081203?ProcessType=PreReg

Have a good week!
Carol Dekkers
email: dekkers@qualityplustech.com

Contact Carol for your keynote and speaking needs – she translates technical subjects into easily digestible soundbites – in a humorous and forthright manner. See http://www.caroldekkers.com/ for details of topics and opportunities.

View also Carol Dekkers’ general blog at http://caroldekkers.wordpress.com/

============Copyright 2008, Carol Dekkers ALL RIGHTS RESERVED =============


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