Did you miss the 2nd Lady Ada day too?

I found out today that I was one week late – and I missed the 2nd annual Lady Ada Lovelace Day commemorated on March 24, Lady Ada Lovelace 18382010. Lady Ada was one of the first female programmers and to whom the programming language Ada was attributed.  On Lady Ada Day, bloggers throughout the world were challenged to pledge that they would post something to signify contributions of women in science and technology. Over 2300 bloggers responded!  For further information visit http://findingada.com/about/ and if you are so inclined, pledge to blog about a woman in technology in 2011.

Whenever there is a “special interest day” devoted to a segment of the population, I am reminded of my engineering college days when our Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) at the University of Calgary featured as many women as men on the student council.  Even back then, our student body felt that everyone (including our female minority) could work better with an integrated student council.  Our compadres to the north in Edmonton (University of Alberta) disagreed and created their own Women in Engineering Students’ Society (WESS) and operated independently of the ESS there.  This was my first experience with integration and I attest that our U of C experience was less drama laden and more productive than that at U of A.  Nonetheless our male counterparts celebrated the diversity of our engineering classes, which was a a courageous lead well ahead of the times.  As a female in engineering there was discrimination at times – but the inclusionary (and often protective) stance of my classmates overcame any deficits.

To me, Lady Ada Lovelace day is really about illuminating the contributions of engineers and scientists to our community and most notably by a woman who was light years ahead of her time!

To your successful projects!


Carol Dekkers
email: dekkers@qualityplustech.com

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