ABZ’s of Communication for Technical Professionals… B: Brevity, Body language, and Bingo

This is the 2nd of my new 26 part (A through Z) blog series with Tips on Communication for Project Managers and Technical Professionals! With communication accounting for over 80% of a project manager’s time, the importance of GOOD communication cannot be overlooked.  Good projects begin with good communication!

B= Brevity, Body language, and Bingo

Let’s address each of these words separately:


While certain industries (romance novels) celebrate the creative writing process, “flowery” communication has no place in our technical corporate world. Adjectives (very, extremely, mostly) and adverbs (often, quickly) often embellish and complicate writing and unless the phrase meaning is lost without them, it is best to avoid their use.  This is especially true when communicating with non-native English speakers!

Body Language:

In an article featured in CFO.com: Body-Language Tactics that Sway Interviews by Eugene Raudsepp (Jan 30, 2004):

Posture, eye contact, and other nonverbal communication can speak volumes about your feelings and attitudes… According to <leading communication> studies, body language comprises 55% of the force of any response, whereas the verbal content only provides 7%, and “paralanguage,” or the intonation, pauses and sighs given when answering, represents 38% of the emphasis. Jo-Ann Vega, president of JV Career and Human Resources Consulting Services in Nyack, N.Y., says body language is so important that it frequently torpedoes what we say.

It makes sense to see your own body language by practicing any presentation in front of a mirror or with trusted colleagues before delivery – after all, what your body communicates can say more than your Powerpoint slides and your words combined!


BS BingoYou may have heard of the corporate “tongue-in-cheek” game played in corporate meetings called B.S. Bingo whereby popular and overused phrases populate the cells of a Bingo-like card and when listeners complete a full row or column of these words in a meeting, the winner yells out “Bingo!”   (A sample card is shown at left.)

Not only are these terms overused, often they are not even legitimate words and misunderstood.

Good communicators avoid such B.S. Bingo terms in favor of more simple and easily understood words.

I’ve just started a group on LinkedIn called Communication for Technical Professionals – please join us!

To your successful projects!


Carol Dekkers
email: dekkers@qualityplustech.com

For more information on northernSCOPE(TM) visit www.fisma.fi (in English pages) and for upcoming training in Tampa, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Helsinki and other locations in 2010, visit www.qualityplustech.com.
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