The Heart of Agile – Simplifying the State of the Art

I’ve been an absentee blogger here for the past several months (yikes, has it been almost a year – time flies at my age!!!)

BUT… I’ve not been sunning myself on the slopes of Austria or lying at the beach (while I do live close to one!) – I’ve been busy with project management training, software measurement consulting, leadership development (for new courseware) and, most exciting to me, becoming involved with Dr. Alistair Cockburn’s HEART OF AGILE community.

I’ve joined an illustrious and creative team of international knowledge experts from around the world. Our common goal is to share and gain insights from real-world agile successes and simplify the sometimes complex world of agile development (beyond software development) into the four major concepts of the Heart of Agile (HOA or HoA):

  • Collaboration
  • Delivery
  • Reflection
  • Improvement

The concept of the Heart of Agile is innovative, refreshing, human and heart centered and it works wonders.  More to come in a plethora of posts (making up for lost time!)

Meanwhile, take a look at the website and let me know what you think!

To future MusingsAboutSoftwareDevelopment!

p.s. It’s good to be back in the writing mode. I’ve got so much to share with you!



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