Top 10 Reasons to attend ISMA15 in Rome, Italy May 8-11, 2018

International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) together with GUFPI/ISMA
ISMA15 (International Software Measurement and Analysis Conference)

Would you like to attend #ISMA15 in Rome Italy May 8-11, 2018?  If you’re not sure how to convince your boss to let you attend, this page is for YOU!

Many conferences have an agile or measurement track, but ISMA15 is a unique opportunity to learn metrics best practices in a setting by and for measurement practitioners! Few others can boast this claim, and if you’re not already registered, maybe this article will change your mind!

When I think about “Why @ISMA15?”, I realized that there are 10 compelling reasons to attend:

Top 10 Reasons to Attend IFPUG/GUFPI’s #ISMA15
(International Software Measurement and Analysis) conference
(Especially if you can only attend one measurement conference this year):

  1. IFPUG (The International Function Point Users Group) is the #1 software measurement organization in the world – mature, reliable and 30 years young! 
  2. INTERNATIONAL NETWORKING! ISMA15 is truly an international meeting place to talk about Function Points, Parametric Estimating, Project Costing and Economics, Agile measurement, and SNAP points in relation to today’s changing landscape of software and systems development. The last ISMA conference in Rome (2016) featured over 300 project management and measurement attendees with an international lineup of great speakers!
  3. MEMBER DISCOUNTS! You may already know that there are discounts available for every member of IFPUG, ICEAA, PMI or IIBA! See the registration form at (to be updated soon!) or send an email to if you need help or have questions!)
    Using a discount code to register can save you a bundle on your registration pricing!
  4. MEET THE IFPUG BOARD.  For one, I’ll be there (Carol Dekkers) along with 8 other seasoned software measurement professionals and servant leaders from Brazil, U.S.A., Spain, Italy, India, and Denmark.  It’s always a fun and easy way to meet your IFPUG leaders and share your vision of the future!
  5. COMPRESSED LEARNING – Multiple days of KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER! The conference promises (and delivers) a friendly and comprehensive schedule that encourages networking, sharing of best practices and lessons learned. Even the most introverted attendees leave with new friends and great experiences!
  6. A GREAT LINE-UP OF SEASONED SPEAKERS (soon to be announced) – always a mix of practitioners, academics, and thought leaders!
  7. CEPs, PDU’s AND ICEAA CERTIFICATION CREDITS! All at the same place! #ISMA15 provides you with continuing education credits for your attendance – if you’re a CFPS/CFPA, PMP or ICEAA certified estimating professional, you’ll be happy to know that we have joint ventured to provide YOU with all the continuing professional education credits you can possibly get!  For more information visit:  at
  8. ROME IS AN AMAZING CITY OF HISTORY! With the location of our conference site – everything is within a short metro ride (or a healthy walk) of the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and major historical vistas (I took a personal day to tour Rome in open air 1958 Fiat convertible with a local guide for less than $100) and plentiful authentic Italian restaurants!   What more could you ask for with plentiful daily flights from all over the world?
  9. WORKSHOPS BY EXPERTS! Join us for an educational lineup of  workshops intended to increase your IFPUG FPA knowledge and also how to apply FPA in real-life situations (such as how to estimate when you have a FP size!)
  10. BONUSES – BEST PRACTICE SHARING, SOCIAL GATHERINGS, IMPROMPTU OUTINGS with like minded measurement pros! There are many opportunities to connect with others at #ISMA15 and save tons of time and money creating a sustainable measurement program – the experts will all be there in Cleveland! Why not check out the cost-effective program today?

You’ll be hard pressed to fin anywhere in the world in 2018 that will connect you as quickly in 3 days with this combination of speakers, insights, bright attendees, leadership, and willingness to share at a single venue. #ISMA15 (click the link to see what ISMA14 in the USA offered!) is the best conference and workshops you can attend !

Don’t miss out! I hope to meet you there!

Carol Dekkers, CFPS (Fellow), PMP, AEC, P.Eng.
IFPUG Director of Communications and Marketing
@caroldekkers (Twitter)